Medical billing made easy

“Perhaps there is no better time for medical practices to reassess their collection efforts and determine if their billing and collection agency partners are providing high quality services to meet the practice’s changing needs. Given the complexity of the health care system and the need for practices to serve as the stewards of the services they provide, developing a successful relationship with a collection agency service provider becomes the building block for success.”

Dear Doctor:

Does your professional billing company / collection agency work ethically and efficiently with your patients?

Sea West Account Managing is a certified medical collections and billing agency.

Our advantage:

We take the hassle out of account administration.

Our unique personalized model will meet your every need.

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We offer 4 different administration options which include the following services:

  • Capture of patient detail

  • Patient validation with real time funders

  • Funds exhausted & Industry change notifications

  •  Full Credit Control process- collections, receipting, handover and Bad Debt Recovery.

Doctor, re-think the following: It is a fact that how the practice staff / debt bureau / debt collector / attorney of a medical practice relates to patients and families in the collection process is a reflection of the service provider’s values, compassion and mission. How then can the practice be certain their accounts receivable vendor is credible, compliant and community sensitive?

It all boils down to three critical strategies:

  • select the right outside debt bureau or collection partner.

  • set clear indicators for success.

  • keep communicating to create a relationship of confidence and trust.

Sea West is the billing/collections company you have been waiting for!

Review our benefits:

The decision will result in containing costs, enhancing efficiency and to turn the difficult task of sound financial management of the practice over to specially trained professionals. We invest in sophisticated technology and employ “highly trained personnel” who often specialise in healthcare collections, allowing us to function as an extension of your practice’s accounts receivable department. The result often is improved collection rates and more resources to devote to your practice core mission namely, providing quality patient care.

With the basic legal requirements covered, be sure to get a detailed description of our quality assurance program. We have an extensive Advisory guideline programme and Debt Collecting program and details can be disclosed on request.

  Indicators of Success:

For many practices, the major consideration when choosing a collections company may be price.

It is vital, however, to shift from the perspective of “cost” to one of “value.” The lowest-priced agency may not be able to provide the services most closely suited to a particular practice’s needs. It’s the return on investment equation.

Sea West will help you improve financial performance, meet all the compliance requirements, and maintain a strong reputation in the community for fair, compassionate, and ethical billing and collection practices. In today’s environment, those are the strongest indicators of success.