About us

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To become the leader in medical billing administration. To provide professional practice administration with high ethical standards, to be incorporated in the doctor’s practice, contributing to the practice’s sustainability and growth.


  • To develop the best audit and implementation administration module for our clients

  • To maximize practice income without creating additional risk

  • To improve our client’s cash flow

  • To decrease risk of bad debt for our clients through our QIP

Our Values:

Client Orientated

·         Plan and liaison with client to meet client expectation

·         Be community sensitive

·         Accept responsibly for Client Service

·         Manage the objective by measuring client satisfaction

Professional Behaviour

·         Behaviour must reflect the Company image

·         Applying knowledge to improve the company’s effectiveness

·         Time orientated

Ethical Conduct

·         Consistency in behaviour

·         Be transparent and accountable by practicing integrity in all our actions

·         Maintain and uphold the dignity of our company at all times

Performance Driven

·         Accepted responsibility for self-development/ self- management

·         Be involved in systematic studies

·         Promote effective and efficient standards to ensure productivity improvement

·         Acknowledge sense of accomplishment

Mutual Trust and Respect

·         Contribute to Discipline

·         Accept and respect individualism in the collectiveness of the Company

·         Communicate openly and honestly whilst listing with empathy.

Team approach

·         Motivate subordinates

·         Utilize the communication channels effectively

·         Engage in leading and following through mentorship

·         Goal orientated

Odoo • Text and Image

Our Executives:

Company team

Dirk Van Der Westhuizen

Managing Director

Company team

Stephen Deetlefs