Strong Indicators of Success

We help your practice improve financial performance, meet all compliance requirements, and maintain a strong reputation in the community for fair, compassionate, and ethical billing and collection practices.

Three critical strategies ensure your accounts receivable vendor is credible, compliant and community sensitive:

  1. Select the right debt bureau or collection partner
  2. Set clear indicators for success
  3. Create a relationship of confidence and trust

Over the past decade, the SeaWest name has become synonymous with providing professional practice administration with high ethical standards. Standing out as a client-orientated industry leader, offering consistent support to all Health Care Professionals who require effective billing cycle management, combined with processes to recover outstanding debt.

Our South African national footprint, and efficient platform for service delivery, allow us to continue to maximize our clients’ income and optimize their cash flow. Our professional management of their billing and debtors provides them peace of mind and creates valuable time to focus on the things they care about.

We take care of those who take care of others.

Our Vision is to:

Create peace of mind for Healthcare Professionals through consistent and sound administrative support leaving Healthcare Professions with valuable time to focus on the things they care about.

Our Mission is to:

  • Optimise turnover
  • Improve cash flow
  • Decrease the risk of bad debt
  • Tailormade business delivery to fit practice requirements
  • Enhance administrative efficiency to create valuable time

Our Values:

  • Client Orientated
  • Work together
  • Act with Integrity
  • Performance Driven
  • Mutual Trust and Care

The team

We believe in the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and it shows in the performance of our multicultural SeaWest team. At SeaWest we empower our staff to develop their talents and skills. This positive environment boosts problem-solving capabilities, happiness, and productivity. It also generates a range of ideas and expertise which enables stakeholders to learn from a more diverse collection of colleagues.

“Perhaps there is no better time for medical practices to reassess their collection efforts and determine if their billing and collection agency partners are providing high quality services to meet the practice’s changing needs. Given the complexity of the healthcare system and the need for practices to serve as the stewards of the services they provide, developing a successful relationship with a collection agency service provider becomes the building block for success.”

Dear Doctor, do you want peace of mind about your administrative efficiency, business continuity and risk management?