Dear Doctor, should your medical practice’s Billing Cycle Management reflect your values, compassion and commitment when it comes to your patients and their families?

Our Services Rendered competitively and will result in cost savings for your practice.

Our Administrative Process includes the following and can be customised as per Practice requirements.

  • Support Debtors Process
  • Web Base System support in Rooms
  • Industry change notifications
Scheduling & Admission

Paperless Environment : Scheduling of patients.
Electronic Diary : Electronic submission of billing or bill directly in the cloud.
Patient Validation : Confirm Medical aid membership, Medical Aid plan and Dependant Code. 
Benefit Checker : Confirm availability of funds.


Coding and Billing : Defined as per client preference
Bill at maximum tariff per medical aid per plan
Recover PMB claims at maximum agreed rate
Guide practice to optimally code and bill
Procedure quotations

Coding : Automated sequencing
ICD 10 look-up function
PMB Code identifier (flag)
Price : Tariff lookup per medical aid per discipline per procedure code
Procedure quotations


Patient is always informed during the process, no surprises in the funder does not pay
EDI : Real time response (Enhance credit control process)
E-mail/SMS to the patient (your patient is always informed)

Credit Controlling

Receipting : Defined and agreed credit control cycle
(Including optimised PMB & WCA claims)
Defined hand over process for third party collections

Credit Control Assistant
Credit Control Task List
Narrations are date stamped and permanent – Support legal recovery process


Reconciliation with Practice bank account
Payment and rejection reason codes automated


Access to any patient information and reporting available
Comprehensive management reports including cash flow analysis, referring doctor and service centre reports
Reporting : Complete Audit trail of your practice
Operational Assistant billing and Assistant Payment report

With the basic legal requirements covered, be sure to get a detailed description of our quality assurance program. We have an extensive Advisory guideline programme and Debt Collecting program and details can be disclosed on request.

Dear Doctor, do you want to increase your staff’s productivity while saving valuable time spent on administration?